Jamia teachers, Kejriwal condemn violence in Delhi

New Delhi


The Jamia Teachers Association has condemned the violence that erupted here on Sunday afternoon against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

In a release issued on Sunday, the association distanced itself from the violence. It also appealed to the Jamia students to stay away from the protests organised by political leaders.

The association has convened an emergency meeting on Monday to discuss the issue of misuse of Jamia's name in the current protests.

Meanwhile, amid reports of the local AAP MLA's involvement in the Jamia protest violence, Delhi chief minister and AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal tweeted his condemnation of the violence near Jamia Millia University.

"Any kind of violence is unacceptable. Protests should remain peaceful." Kejriwal's tweet read.

Sunday's violence is the second in three days in the area, to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

On Friday, Jamia University students had organised a protest which also had ended in violence.IANS