Corbyn's sons slam 'poisonous attacks' against father



The three sons of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn have slammed the "poisonous attacks" against their father after his defeat in the December 12 UK general election.

In a statement on Twitter on Saturday, Tommy, Seb and Benjamin expressed their pride in their father despite him leading the Labour Party to its worst election loss in more than 80 years, reported on Sunday.

They argued that their father paid the price for being "honest, humble and good-natured in the poisonous world of politics", while also praising praised his lifetime record of championing the "less fortunate" and for producing the "most wonderful manifesto the country has ever seen".

However they claimed that Corbyn had suffered the "most despicable attacks, filled with hatred" during his 36 years as an MP.

The statement, posted by Tommy, said: "He took on an entire establishment. This meant the attacks from all sides intensified and became even more poisonous while he was leader. We've never known a politician to be smeared and vilified so much."

Corbyn's eldest son Benjamin, 32, is a successful football coach who has players at Watford FC, while Seb, 27, has entered the world of politics and has been shadow chancellor John McDonnell's chief of staff.

His youngest son Tommy, 25, opened London's first hemp shop and cafe in Finsbury Park this year.

Corbyn, who was re-elected to his Islington North seat in north London, has said he will not stand at the next General Election but will remain in place until another Labour leader is elected, reports

He has blamed Labour's poor result on Brexit for "polarising and dividing debate in this country".IANS