The Weekend Leader - Physics prof wins Twitter hearts over his teaching method

Physics prof wins Twitter hearts over his teaching method

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A video clipping of a septuagenarian Physics professor practically demonstrating different concepts in the subject to his students in the classroom got the Twitterati all amused and full of praise for the out-of-the-box teaching method.

It started when a Twitter user posted the clipping of her teacher in Virginia Beach in the US and wrote: "Y'all need to see this video collage of all the crazy things my Physics Professor did this semester. He's in his 70s and is still doing all of this for us."

The clipping of Dr. David Wright got 19.3 million views, 394.9K retweets and 1.5M likes.

Another tweet by her read: "So I did not expect this to blow up like it did. Would y'all want to see more videos I have of him ? He really is our grandpa away from home."

It got 685.4K views, 758 retweets and 20.7K likes.

And the good old professor responded with "it was an amazing semester because I had amazing students".

One user posted: "This man truly loves what he does and I admire him for it."

One user hit the nail on the head: "I probably would have murdered for a teacher like this. So many just there and not invested in teaching." This post was retweeted 211 times with 6.9K likes.

One user said: "This guy is like the real life Rick from Rick & Morty."

"I wish I had teachers that loved to teach while I was in school," commented one user."All that energy and enthusiasm, I bet y'all learned and retained all kinda information. This is how you inspire future generations," read one post.

A twitter user posted a picture of a crying woman and wrote: "I would die for your professor."

One fan had a humorous take tinged with jealousy: "He is living his life at 70. Man, we all are dead already at 22." IANS 

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