The Weekend Leader - Senegalese migrant rescues disabled man from fire in Spain

Senegalese migrant rescues disabled man from fire in Spain

Denia (Spain)


A Senegalese migrant living in Spain has become an unlikely hero after rescuing a disabled person from a burning building here on the Costa Blanca in Spain.

Gorgui Lamine Sow, 20, clambered up the iron bars of the front door and made it to the balcony of the first-floor home in Denia, Sky News reported.

He then slung the disabled man over his shoulder and climbed down a ladder, which was secured by onlookers.

A neighbour claimed that the rescued person Alex, aged 39, was unwell for a long time and could not walk without assistance.

Another media report claimed that Sow was an illegal immigrant who had arrived in Spain on a boat from the West Coast of Africa two-and-a-half years ago. He was only 17 then.

He said he had nothing when he arrived in the country and had been working as a street vendor to survive. He and his girlfriend Gana have a seven-month-old daughter.

In May 2018, a 22-year-old Malian migrant, Mamoudou Gassama, had rescued a child dangling precariously from a balcony in Paris in France.

The video of the rescue in which Gassama climbed easily up the four floors of the apartment building in just seconds and rescued the child had gone viral at that time.

He was made a French citizen and offered a job by the Paris fire brigade, French authorities had announced.IANS 

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