I&B Ministry issues show cause notice to Horizon TV

New Delhi


The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) has issued a show cause notice to Horizon TV for transferring the channel licence illegally.

The matter came up at TDSAT on December 9 on the name change from Horizon TV to Bloomberg Quint.

The chairman of TDSAT stated that he wants a decision from MIB on whether the name change can be done and that the matter can be argued on merits thereafter. The MIB counsel stated that the ministry has given a show cause notice to the company as it had transferred the channel licence illegally.

He stated that MIB will be able to give a definite response after receiving the response of the company. The matter has been adjourned till Monday.

"This Tribunal has not considered the merits of the petitioner's case so far but if no decision is taken soon, the prayers made in the applications may have to be considered by the Tribunal itself instead of granting further time to the respondent," TDSAT said in the order.

Horizon Satellite Services is the petitioner while the Union of India is the respondent.

A query sent to Raghav Bahl was replied on his behalf by his lawyer Prashant Kumar. "The matter is sub judice. Hence, no comments on behalf of my clients. The detailed order of TDSAT is available on its website," Prashant Kumar said.

Quintillion Business Media Private Limited (QBM), a joint venture between Raghav Bahl and Bloomberg, had acquired a company called Horizon Satellite Service Private Limited.

Horizon owned licenses of 2 news and current affairs television channels. After its acquisition by QBM, Horizon has been seeking name change of the television license it holds.

Currently the channel is called "Y TV" and Horizon has made an application to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to change the name to to "Bloomberg Quint".

Horizon has applied to TDSAT for the delay in change of name by MIB and sought direction from TDSAT to MIB for the name change to Bloomberg Quint.IANS