Minimum decorum not being shown to Dhankhar: Meghalaya Guv



Meghalaya Governor Tathagata Roy on Thursday stood by his West Bengal counterpart Jagdeep Dhankhar and alleged that the Trinamool Congress government was not showing the latter the minimum decorum.

Roy, on a visit to the city, wondered whether the Constitution has drawn any boundary on how the Governor should behave.

His comments came on a day the confrontation between Dhankhar and the Trinamool Congress regime escalated with Chief Minister Mamata Banerje saying her government would "fight the battle" against the Governor, who earlier made a pre-announced visit to the Assembly, only to find the gate earmarked for his movement locked, and entered through another gate. Neither the Speaker, nor senior Assembly officials were present to welcome him.

Coming out, he took on the Mamata Banerjee-led government, saying a "deathly silence" greeted him in the Assembly and that the entire chain of events was a "threat to democracy" and a "shame".

"Has any boundary been drawn as to how the Governor should behave? Is it written anywhere? The Governor is the head of the state. He can do what he thinks is proper and his conscience prompts him to do.

"If something is clearly mentioned in the Constitution against this, that's different. Then such actions are improper. But the rest is up to the Governor's consideration. But I think the minimum decorum must be maintained.

"But that has not been done. Had I been the Governor, I would have been pained too," Roy said. IANS