The Weekend Leader - IndiGo to pilots: Use lower thrust to avert engine trouble   

IndiGo to pilots: Use lower thrust to avert engine trouble  

New Delhi


Private airline IndiGo has instructed pilots to use lower engine thrust during the take-off phase to avert any technical glitch which might impact the operations of A320neo aircraft.

The instruction comes after India's aviation regulator in a probe report cited the practice of full-engine throttle take-off approach as a likely reason for the Pratt & Whitney engine failure during ascent phase.

In aviation aspect, a full-throttle take-off approach consumes less fuel and quickly elevates an aircraft to its optimal cruising altitude.

The airline decided to employ 'Alt Climb' -- a procedure which is used by only a handful of airlines around the world.

"IndiGo has now implemented 100 per cent 'alt climb' on all Neo aircraft," an airline spokesperson said.

However, the spokesperson pointed out that the procedure "hardly" makes any visible operational difference.

"It take around 2-3 minutes longer for the aircraft to reach the optimum flight level due to the slightly lower thrust settings. Difference in fuel consumption is marginal," the spokesperson said.

Earlier, a DGCA report was cited as claiming the normal take-off procedure can be detrimental to the troubled PW engine type.-IANS

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