The Weekend Leader - Vivek Exp, India's longest route train, covers 4,230 km in 83 hrs   

Vivek Exp, India's longest route train, covers 4,230 km in 83 hrs  

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The Indian Railways, which is one of the biggest in Asia, makes about a million passenger travel every day in different parts of the country starting from different states.

Trains of India start from the Himalayas in Jammu and end at the tip of mainland of India at Kanyakumari in Laccadive Sea in Tamil Nadu. One of the longest trains in terms of distance covered is Vivek Express.

According to railways, Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari Vivek Express is the longest route on the Indian Railways network in terms of distance and time, and is the ninth longest in the world.

The Vivek Express covers a distance of 4,230 km in 82 hours 50 minutes, which means four days, 10 hours and 55 minutes covering nine states.

The train departs from Dibrugarh at 11.05 p.m. on Saturday and arrives in Kanyakumari on Wednesday at 9.55 a.m. The train has stoppages at over 56 stations between the two stations.

After Vivek Express, the second train which covers the longest distance is Himsagar Express that connects Mata Vaishnoi Devi Katra to Kanyakumari. The train covers a distance of 3,785 km in 72 hours and 30 minutes, which means three days and 30 minutes.

The train departs from Katra on Monday at 9.55 p.m. and arrives Kanyakumari on Thursday at 10.55 p.m.-IANS

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