The Weekend Leader - Army works out strategy to pre-empt IED blasts in Kashmir

Army works out strategy to pre-empt IED blasts in Kashmir

BY ZAFFAR IQBAL   |  Srinagar


The Army on Thursday said it has worked out a new strategy to pre-empt the use of IEDs by militants to prevent causalities.

"We have increased the vigil in such a manner that we are able to block an incident before it takes place by discovering the explosives before hand and defusing them," GoC Victor Force K. Sengupta told reporters in Anantnag.

He said the Army was successful in foiling the last three attempts by militants to carry out IED blasts in south Kashmir by employing the new strategy.

"The terrorists seem to be frustrated and are unable to find ways to operate because of the intense operations by our troops," General Sengupta said.

He said the elimination of two Hizbul Mujahideen militants on Monday has brought relief to the people in Pulwama.

"After the elimination of the militants, traders, shopkeepers and others are carrying out their normal business again," the GoC said.

He appealed to militants to lay down arms so that the Army could facilitate their return to normal life.

"We don't want misguided youth to face our bullets," he said.

On Monday, the Army and police in a joint operation killed two militants of Hizbul Muhideen in south Kashmir. They were identified as Irfan Ahmad Sheikh. The two operated in Pulwama and Budgam.IANS

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