R'sthan Congress councillors come with camera pens to vote



At a time when Maharashtra political crisis was being discussed, a few Congress councillors stunned all by carrying similar pens tucked in their pocket, which were later identified as a special camera pens. These councillors came to cast their vote to elect chairperson in the local body election on Tuesday.

Since they carried similar pens, the policemen on duty became suspicious and seized the pens only to find all of them loaded with camera.

Sources confirmed that the pens were given to councillors to ensure there is no cross-voting in the elections.

As voting is done through secret ballot, the camera pens with Congress councillors have become talk of the townin Alwar and elsewhere.

Soon after seizing camera pens, police started a thorough checking and found a cash amount of Rs 3 lakh from a BJP candidate Vimal Jain. Police were investigating the matter.IANS