The Weekend Leader - Punjab cop earns Twitter praise for empathetic gesture

Punjab cop earns Twitter praise for empathetic gesture

New Delhi


While policemen in India by and large suffer from a poor public image, a video clipping of a Punjab Police Constable hugging and consoling an old woman has gone viral, winning him fulsome praise from netizens for his empathy.

The 56-second clipping posted on November 23 had recorded 512 retweets and 2K likes.

"This police constable should be the ultimate role model for the police. Look at the deep sense of sensitivity and empathy with which he listens to and wipes the tears of this elderly citizen," the post accompanying the clipping said.

There was no mention of the name of the cop or the place where it was shot. The old woman's son was reportedly arrested abroad.

Praising him, one Twitter user posted: "Police forces need such men who are sensitive towards the issues of common people. Respect for this gentleman."

One user commented: "Must record and publicise these stories. Plenty of such stories but only the negative stuff gets traction. Police public collaboration is the way to go."

Some Twitter users asked for the name of the policeman. "What is his name? He is being a good human first and police next. I think we all should keep the identities in that order, always. The way he hugged her..very touching," read one post.

Another post read: "Awesome compassion. Wish every policeman and public servant would learn this attribute."

"I am moved. I know well that many -- very many -- dedicated men and women are selflessly serving in the Indian Police. They deserve our respect, gratitude and appreciation," a user wrote.IANS 

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