IS executes its judge in Syria



The Islamic State terrorist group has executed one of its prominent judges in its northern Syrian stronghold of Raqqa for being too "moderate", Siraj Press reported on Monday.

The Sunni extremist group executed Turki al-Ani because he was too lenient, especially with alleged apostates, Siraj Press cited sources close to the Syrian opposition as saying.

Ani, known as Abu Abdallah, was killed after he issued passes to members of a group with alleged ties to the Syrian government, allowing them to move freely in Raqqa, Siraj Press said.

The report gave no information on when or how Ani was put to death.

Ani had often opposed IS decrees targeting civilians and the frequent sentences for apostasy issued by the group, according to the sources cited by Siraj Press.

Ani was once considered a possible future "emir" of Raqqa, but one of IS's most intransigent hardliners, Abu Ali al-Anbari, put paid to his candidacy, claiming Ani was too moderate, the report said. - IANS