The Weekend Leader - Khap leader disapproves of love marriage

Khap leader disapproves of love marriage



Naresh Tikait, head of the powerful Baliyan Khap and also the president of the Bhartiya Kisan Union, gave an objectionable statement on love marriage.

"We spent Rs 20-30 lakhs on the education of the girls and if parents have the right to educate their children, the children will have to marry a person of their parents' choice," he said.

Tikait said that love marriage was completely unacceptable and they would never allow it.

Girls will not be allowed to opt for love marriage or inter-caste marriage because it sullies the reputation of the family. 'Our Khap will never approve of such practices," he asserted.

He also said that the Supreme Court verdict that allows girls and boys who had turned adults to choose their partners, was wrong and unfair.

Speaking at a conference of the Jat community, Tikait also expressed concern at the dwindling population of the Jat community and asked his community members to increase the population.

The Baliyan Khap is among the most powerful Khaps in western UP.

The Khap Panchayats frequently make pronouncements on social and gender issues. Their diktats are followed by the community and the community even hands out punishments to offenders.IANS 

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