How does one define masculinity?

New Delhi


"The courage to shatter conventions, but also the courage to embrace risks, accepting that failure may be the result," is what Zegnas latest campaign on masculinity is all about.

The brand's desire with this move is to facilitate a conversation and to create a platform for discussion. It recognizes that there's a need to redefine a new type of masculinity, one which is different from the stereotypical versions deep rooted in society. Zegna, embraces an idea of masculinity that is fluid, sensitive, and unequivocal.

The brand which is rooted in tailoring and fine craftsmanship, asks the question "What makes a man?" It tries to comprehend the myriad of emotions and meanings of masculinity by stating, "masculinity is a state of mind, not a set of given rules.

Men have been coming to terms with their inner weaknesses and strengths and are willing to take risks to embrace their own view of what masculinity is, even if this means going against traditional notions of manlihood.

Men today know that fragility and failure can make them better because it is the movement of the mind and the engagement of the soul that count. Men have learned that embracing love as a positive force is a winning decision, that exploring imagination is an enriching voyage of self-discovery, that dreams and playfulness can be the qualities of adults."

The campaign highlights that, "Masculinity is a state of mind. One that takes on different meanings and includes many qualities, both expected and not: courtesy, politeness, patience, vulnerability, wisdom, eccentricity. What makes a man is the dignity and openness to accept and embrace the contradictions of life, to evolve day by day, being truthful to one's self, endlessly changing one's perspective and attitudes."

Two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali and the multifaceted artist Nicholas Tse serve as the faces for the campaign. Ali has depicted and embodied many shades of masculinity and the brand chose him as he brings a personal gravitas and a lightness of spirit, an inner richness and wit.

Nicholas's unique personality and passion for the arts, coupled with his determination to challenge stereotypes, are what makes him the perfect voice to explore the meaning of modern masculinity.IANS