Four-day break for parliament

New Delhi


Parliament will go for a four-day break beginning on Friday.

May 1 (Friday) is a holiday on account of Labour Day, while May 2-3 are Saturday and Sunday and May 4 is also a holiday for Buddha Purnima.

While the Lok Sabha is scheduled to pass the finance bill on Thursday, many important legislations like the land acquisition ordinance, goods and services tax bill and the real estate bill are scheduled for next week.

The Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha both discuss private members bills on Fridays. While the Lok Sabha will not take it up this week, the Rajya Sabha had its private member business on Thursday.

The Lok Sabha is scheduled to sit till May 8. But the Rajya Sabha, which was prorogued to facilitate the re-promulgation of the land acquisition ordinance, would work till May 13. - IANS