The Weekend Leader - Lack of women's safety is a matter of shame: Bhagwat

Lack of women's safety is a matter of shame: Bhagwat



Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Chief Mohan Bhagwat on Sunday lamented at the lack of safety for women, calling it a "matter of shame". He called for equality and equal "opportunities" for women in all spheres of life.

In a stern message, Bhagwat said, "Laxman was asked to recognise Sita's jewellery. Laxman in reply said he only recognises the Sita's jewellery on her feet as he never looked up at her face. With such a tradition, it's a shame that our women are neither safe inside the house nor outside. How can it be so that in spite of so many of us women are unsafe?"

Bhagwat also called for empowerment of women. He said, women need to be treated equally in their role both in running the family as well as running the country. "She will do it. Just give her opportunity, independence and little help. Don't be a roadblock," remarked the RSS chief.

This remark assumes significance as an independent study on women, backed by RSS, was released earlier in New Delhi. Women only survey by RSS affiliate Drishti Stree Adhyayan Prabodhan Kendra (DSAPK), released by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Bhagwat, talked about women's 'happiness level', dietary preferences and employment, among other issues.

On Sunday too, Bhagwat made a passing reference to that survey. He said, "Swayamsevaks do a lot of work. Women are also part of it. All those women together compiled a massive survey which was released in Delhi on September 24. On basis of that, some policies will be formulated by the Sangh".

Bhagwat also spoke on the role of RSS for creating unity, goodwill and good behaviour in society.

"The country belongs to everyone, irrespective of differences. Diversity is an intrinsic strength of our nation," remarked Bhagwat.

This comment comes just a day after the Ayodhya verdict that allowed the Hindu side to construct Ram Mandir in the once disputed site in Ayodhya.IANS 

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