The Weekend Leader - Bharatpur woman doctor burns mother-son duo in act of vengeance

Bharatpur woman doctor burns mother-son duo in act of vengeance

Bharatpur (Rajasthan)


 In a shocking act of vengeance, a lady doctor here has burnt a woman and her six year old son alive, the police said on Friday.

In the incident, that took place on Thursday evening, the doctor set fire to the victims' house after pouring spirit on the furniture and curtains.

According to the police, the motive behind the heinous act was the dead woman's relationship with the doctor's husband.

The postmortems were conducted on Friday and the bodies were handed over to the deceased woman's brother. Thereafter, their last rites were also performed.

The police on Friday arrested all the three accused -- Sudeep, a doctor by profession, his mother and his wife Seema who is also a doctor -- on the basis of a complaint filed by Radha, the deceased's sister, and registered a case under section 302, 120B and other relevant sections.

The three accused were produced in court, where the two women were taken into judicial custody while the doctor was taken on remand, the police officers told IANS.

Police also confirmed that the deceased, Deepa Gurjar, was working as a receptionist in Sudeep Gupta's hospital, where the two developed a relatioship. Sudeep gifted her a well-furnished villa where Deepa and her son were residing.

Gupta's wife, Seema was initially unaware of these developments. However, later when she came to know about it, she along with her mother-in-law went to Gurjar's home and started hurling abuses on her. Gurjar called her brother and Gupta from her house and informed them that Seema Gupta was creating a scene outside her house.

Seema Gupta, meanwhile locked the house door, poured spirit on furniture and curtains and set off a fire inside.

According to the police, Gurjar had been hired at their hospital some four years back as receptionist.IANS

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