Bihar man returns after spending 11 years in B'desh jail



 It is not less than a rebirth for Satish Chaudhary who went missing 11 years ago and accidentally reached Bangladesh. Now, after spending more than a decade in the neighbouring country's jail he has returned to his own Bihar.

Mentally challenged Satish, a native of Darbhanga district of the northern state, went to Patna for treatment but disappeared from there. His relatives were searching for him for years but Satish remained untraced.

Suddenly in 2012, Satish's kin got information that he was imprisoned in a Bangladesh jail. After that they began making efforts to bring him back.

On Friday night when Satish reached Patna railway station, people welcomed him with open hearts. He was also happy to reach his 'Bihar'. Satish's brother Mukesh who was accompanying him could not stop his tears on seeing the people's love for his brother.

Mukesh said: "Satish is not mentally fit right now, his physical condition has also declined". Satish recognised him at Darshana-Gede Border and hugged him tightly, Mukesh added.

Vishal Ranjan Datuaar, who played a vital role in bringing Satish back, told reporters: "He should have come back much earlier".

Satish went missing from Patna in 2008 and his family members came to know that he was in a Bangladesh jail only in 2012. Satish doesn't remember how he reached Bangladesh.

Mukesh Chaudhary made many efforts for years to bring his brother back. He also met Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in 2012 and wrote a letter to Datuaar. After that Datuaar took the matter forward.

After completing formalities, Mukesh took Satish to Patna from Kolkata. Now they will proceed to Darbhanga where their family members are waiting for them.IANS