New IS video urges France Muslims to carry out attacks



French authorities are investigating a latest video released by the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group titled "Blow Up France 2" in which militants of the radical Sunni group urge Muslims in France to carry out attacks.

The footage, released by French-speaking IS militants Tuesday, shows masked men praising the attacks on Paris last month and calling on Muslims to carry out further terror attacks in France, the Daily Mail reported.

In a chilling statement to camera, one terrorist says: "Don't give up and particularly don't lower your weapons, don't surrender, kill. Today it's our darwa (goal), kill them, you now have more than four million targets."

A source close to the French investigation into the Jewish market attack said that authorities in France believe that the woman who appears in the video wearing camouflage clothing and holding a weapon could be Hayat Boumeddiene.

Boumeddiene, wife of Amedy Coulibaly, the gunman who killed four hostages at a Jewish supermarket in the eastern part of the French capital Jan 9. Security forces later gunned down Coulibaly.

Authorities are searching for Boumeddiene, who is also believed to have been a co-conspirator in the attack. She is currently thought to be in Syria.

The kosher supermarket attack followed the Jan 8 massacre by gunmen at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine.

Brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi killed 12 people at the magazine's offices in Paris. The next day, a French police officer was killed.

At least 17 people were killed over those three days.

In the "Blow Up France 2" video, the terrorists went on to urge French Muslims to defect from the Fifth Republic and take up arms in the new "caliphate". - IANS