The Weekend Leader - Fed up with cruel system: Pak woman constable resigns

Fed up with cruel system: Pak woman constable resigns



 Pakistan may be celebrating Pushpa Kohli -- a Hindu woman who became the first police officer in Sindh province, but how it treats its women force is clear from the story of Faiza Nawaz, a woman constable from Pakistan's Punjab.

Faiza Nawaz has posted her ordeal in a video message, Express Tribune reported.

She said that she has been dejected by the system which has not supported her. Nawaz resigned on Sunday from her post saying "she cannot face the powerful corrupt mafia".

On Thursday, advocate Ahmad Mukhtar had misbehaved and slapped constable Faiza Nawaz when she cautioned him against wrongly parking his car in Ferozwala, a town of Punjab's Sheikhupura. The police, later, arrested the lawyer on the complaint of the constable and registered a case against him.

However, on Saturday, much to the shock of Nawaz, a judicial magistrate released Ahmed Mukhtar as the name of the accused had been wrongly written in the FIR. Instead of Ahmed Mukhtar, the name that was written in the FIR was Ahmed Iftikhar.

In a video message, Nawaz has alleged that the some elements in her own department were abetting the lawyer due to which he was released on bail.

"I have to say this with regret that I joined the police department proudly to help people, but I could not see the justice being done to me," Nawaz said.

She also lamented that her character assassination is being done by some lawyers and added that she was just fulfilling her duty when she was subjected to the torture.

Expressing her helplessness, she said: "I am fed-up with this cruel system.... I am very scared, where should I go.... should I die or commit suicide?"

Faiza Nawaz has demanded Pakistan President Arif Alvi and Chief Justice of Pakistan Asif Saeed Khosa to take note of the incident.IANS 

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