The Weekend Leader - Manuj Nagpal debuts on TV with 'Vish'

Manuj Nagpal debuts on TV with 'Vish'



Manuj Nagpal, who has been teaching martial arts and clicking portfolios, has made his TV debut with the show "Vish".

"'Vish' is my TV debut and I am excited about it. It's an out and out negative character. My character's name is Daitya Raj. He has supernatural powers but he gets cheated by Sabrina (actress Debina Bonnerjee) on his marriage night, so now he is taking revenge by kidnapping other women," he said.

Before bagging the show, he featured in ads for brands such as Sonata and Manyavar as well as acted in a Gujarati film.

"I am a complete filmy person and I always wanted to be an actor. I love Bollywood, so I wanted to spend my entire life in this industry as a successful person. I love to be around the camera, be it in front or behind it. I have some skills in direction as well so I feel Bollywood is the right place for me," he said.

"I have struggled a lot like every middle-class outsider but I was always confident in my skills. I have got a black belt in martial arts and I used to teach martial arts to get money for my monthly expenditure. I started photography as well and I used to click portfolios," he added.IANS 

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