The Weekend Leader - Johnson at loss for words when confronted over Brexit

Johnson at loss for words when confronted over Brexit



UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was at a loss for words when he was confronted by a man in Yorkshire who told the former that he should be in Brussels negotiating over Brexit, a media report said.

Johnson, who was in Yorkshire walking through the town, campaign-style, was was accosted by the man who yelled: "You should be in Brussels negotiating. You are not. You are in Morley in Leeds," The Daily Mail said in the report on Thursday.

The Prime Minister attempted to explain he had been negotiating, but the disgruntled man continued: "You're playing games."

Johnson retorted: "What I think people want us to do, is to leave the European Union on October 31."

In another interaction, a local resident gave Johnson a pat on the back as he told him, "Please leave my town".

The Prime Minister chuckled and replied, "I will very soon". Following this incident, the hashtag #PleaseLeaveMyTown trended on Twitter last night.

Several Labour MPs used the hashtag to share the video, with the opposition party's shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon tweeting: "When two worlds collide - straight talking Yorkshire meets Bullingdon bluster! #PleaseLeaveMyTown."

According to Johnson, the UK will leave the EU with or without a deal on October 31.IANS 

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