Lifeloggers record daily life in snapshots



A growing band of 'lifeloggers' are recording every day in minute detail for a lifetime with digital cameras.

Lifeloggers say that it permits them to create an accessible digital archive, whether it's to recall a favourite moment in exact detail or simply check where they left their car keys.

Lifeloggers seek to capture daily details, either through pictures and video stored on the Internet or by recording patterns of their mood, sleep, exercise or diet, the Daily Mail reports.

So far, only a handful of users have broadcast their lives on the Internet, but the popularity of blogging sites like Twitter suggests that others will not hesitate as the technology becomes more available.

Privacy campaigners warn that users risk revealing too much information about themselves, leaving them vulnerable to identity theft and blackmail.

They raise questions about privacy rights of the thousands of friends, colleagues and strangers who would inevitably feature in users' lifelogs, with or without their knowledge.

The camera is the size of a postage stamp. It can be clipped onto clothes and will automatically take a photograph every 30 seconds and upload it to the Internet every time the camera is charged.

Until now, the technology used by lifeloggers has typically involved the user wearing a digital camera to take time-lapse photographs or record continuous video. - IANS