The Weekend Leader - How effective is Zakir Naik ban with Peace TV app running?

How effective is Zakir Naik ban with Peace TV app running?

New Delhi


Despite restrictions on airing Zakir Naik's Peace TV, the controversial Islamic preacher can easily spread his message thanks to an app that can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

One can easily view Peace TV Network programmes after downloading the app which has been installed over 1 lakh times. The contents of the network are available in four languages - English, Urdu, Bengali and Chinese.

Besides India, Bangladesh too banned Peace TV as it has often been used by the Islamic State recruiters for indoctrination and brainwashing the youth.

Naik, who has been living in Malaysia for the past three years after fleeing India, has been barred from delivering public talks in every state in Malaysia.

But the availability of Peace TV content on digital platforms may nullify the efforts to bar the controversial Islamic preacher from spreading his messages.

His videos are also available on YouTube channel Peace TV Live.

While social media users on Tuesday appreciated the move by Malaysia to block his public talks, they also questioned the effectiveness of such bans in the digital world.

"Thank you @malaysia for banning terrorist @ZakirNaik_real," wrote one Twitter user.

"To all Malaysian Muslims who supports #ZakirNaik mainly because he's a "Muslim brother ", please try to gain perspective and think of him as just an ordinary man and then you'll finally see what a wicked man he is," said another user.

Naik was granted permanent residency in Malaysia after he left India on being charged with giving inflammatory speeches.

India in June revealed that it made a formal request to Malaysia for the extradition of Naik.

Malaysia's former police chief Rahim Noor also urged the government to rescind his permanent residency status and return him to India.

"Dear #Malaysia you have great slogans 'Malaysia Truly Asia' why do you want to make it dishonoured just because for one traitor #ZakirNaik who even don't belongs to you, don't frame your country as hardcore orthodox he will ruin your generation so just be aware (sic)," wrote one Twitter user.

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