UP Police encourages use of seat belts



The Uttar Pradesh Police were now using new methods to encourage and popularise the use of seat belts and underline its need for one's safety.

With the help of a new machine, a policeman demonstrated how not wearing a seat belt could lead to horrific consequences.

The machine which resembles a slide has two seats -- one for the driver and the other for a dummy. The driver wears a seat belt while the dummy does not. As the slide comes down at a defined speed and crashes to a stop, the driver with the seat belt remains safe while the dummy falls off.

The demonstration shows how even a slight jerk or a sudden break can throw a person from a seat, given that while the vehicle itself may come to a stop, the person inside it was under no compulsion to do so because that is how momentum works.

The Uttar Pradesh Police, in various districts, is showing these videos to emphasize the need for wearing seat belts.

Kanpur Police has made a longer version of the video which also shows how people usually give reasons for not wearing seat belts.

The police has also launched a major campaign that focuses on wearing helmets in two-wheelers and seat belts in cars. IANS