Professor's video passed off as Maharaja Hari Singh's granddaughter

New Delhi


A video being shared on social media, showing the granddaughter of Maharaja Hari Singh speaking on issues related to Jammu and Kashmir, is actually that of Professor Hameeda Nayeem, wife of Hurriyat leader Nayeem Ahmad Khan, speaking at a university in Uttar Pradesh, fact-checking website Boom has found.

In the video, shot in 2018 at Aligarh Muslim University, Professor Nayeem can be heard speaking about the history of Jammu and Kashmir's accession to India and the nature of the special status granted to the region.

But many social media users shared the video with a caption that carried misleading information.

"Every indians should must watch it, get ur facts corrected. a clear eye opener to govt of india & the people out there by grand daughter of maharaj hari singh, (maharaja of kashmir)," read the caption of the video.

Refuting the claim, Vikramaditya Singh, grandson of Maharaja Hari Singh, also clarified that the person speaking on the video was not his sister Jyotsna Singh.

"Fake news/ video. That is not her. Grand daughter of Maharaja Hari Singh Ji is my sister, Dr. Jyotsna Singh," he said in a tweet.IANS