Ex-Maldives Vice Prez on boat questioned by Indian officials



 Former Vice President of Maldives Ahmed Adeeb who was on board a cargo tugboat off Tuticorin coast in Tamil Nadu is being questioned by Coast Guard and immigration officials, said a police official on Thursday.

"The cargo tugboat Virgo 9 had gone to Maldives from Tuticorin port earlier. On its return trip Adeeb seems to have boarded the ship. The officials of Coast Guard and immigration department are questioning him. The ship is yet to come to the port," the police official told IANS over phone.

On getting information of an additional member onboard from the shipping agent in India, Indian officials boarded the cargo vessel and are questioning Adeeb.

The officials are trying to gather how Adeeb got into the vessel and other details.

The cargo vessel Virgo 9 is registered in Singapore with a gross tonnage of 181 tonnes.

Adeeb was the Vice President of Maldives in 2015. Later that year, he was removed as Vice President by a no-confidence vote. IANS