Samajwadi Party workers protest in Azam Khan's support



The Samajwadi Party, on Thursday, took to the streets of Rampur to protest against what the party claims is the victimisation of its Lok Sabha MP Mohd Azam Khan and his mla son Abdullah Azam.

The district administration has imposed the prohibitory orders in Rampur and the party MP S T Hasan and former MP Dharmendra Yadav were taken into custody for violating Section 144.

A heavy police force has been deployed in the district, especially at all entry points.

"The state government is doing injustice with Azam Khan and his son. If this does not stop, lakhs of Samajwadis will take to the streets. We will fight for Azam Khan and will save the Jauhar University at all costs," said Dharmendra Yadav.

Abdullah Azam was also prevented from coming out of his house.

Several other party MLAs, who were moving towards Rampur on Thursday, were detained at different places.

The Samajwadi Party MLAs, Mohd Faheem Irfan and Irfan Solanki, were detained near Bhilai Nagar and taken to the Dak Bungalow along with their supporters.

Another party MLA Pinky Yadav had an altercation with the police officials when they stopped her from going to Rampur. SP MLA Iqbal Mehmood sat on dharna near the Rampur highway, disrupting traffic movement.

The police surrounded the residence of SP MLA Mehboob Ali in Amroha to prevent him from moving out.

The police had a tough time controlling the party leaders at the Bareilly border.

Vehicles on the Lucknow-Delhi highway were being subjected to checking.

Rampur District Magistrate Aanjanye Kumar said that the administration was fully prepared to deal with the situation and would ensure peace in the district.

The Superintendent of Police Ajay Pal Sharma said that vehicles were being allowed entry into Rampur only after noting the name of the owner, driver and taking a photograph of the vehicle. IANS