The Weekend Leader - Won't bow down before traders' pressure, says Imran

Won't bow down before traders' pressure, says Imran



Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has told the trading community in the country that he will not bow down before any pressure and asserted that the government won't take back any decision that has been taken to kick-start the economy.

The trading community in Pakistan had called for a nation-wide strike on July 13 against the new taxes that were being levied under the latest budget. The traders said that these taxes were imposed on the insistence of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and would fracture the backbone of the Pakistani economy. 

However, Imran has made it clear that these taxes would not be taken back. He also said that everyone should pay taxes for the development of the country as Pakistan didn't have a sufficient source of income. 

According to a media report published on Wednesday, while addressing a gathering at the Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce, Imran said that if he rolled back his decisions fearing strikes by the traders and industrialists, it would be a betrayal to the country. 

He said: "People want good schools, universities and hospitals which can only be possible if the government has enough resources." 

Mentioning the tax issue, he urged the people and the trading community to support the government. He said that tax collection was the basic condition for the development of the country. 

He said: "The government will bring every single citizen under the tax ambit. Only 15 lakh people now pay taxes in a country of 22 crore people." IANS 

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