Social media trolls made Sakshi soften her stand



Sakshi Misra, the daughter of BJP MLA Rajesh Misra, whose marriage to a Dalit man has been making headlines since the past one week, now seems have softened her stand against her family due to social media trolls.

In a television interview on Sunday, Sakshi admitted that she was "extremely upset" at the manner in which she was being trolled on social media.

"People are saying that no one should have a daughter like me and even my brother is not asking these people not to make such statements," she said.

Sakshi was heard seeking her father's apology. "Please forgive me. I made a mistake," she said between sobs.

On being told about her mother's ill-health, she said: "Mummy please take medicines and get well soon."

The BJP MLA had told her in the TV interview that her mother was in a state of shock and not taking medicines.

Sakshi, who was seen sobbing bitterly throughout the interview, seemed repentant after being trolled on the social media for attacking her family.

In a video that had gone viral on social media, Sakshi had seemed rather defiant as she warned her father not to set his men after her.

"I will die but I will make sure that your men spend their lives in jail," she had said. IANS