The Weekend Leader - Posters in Amethi asks Rahul for justice

Posters in Amethi asks Rahul for justice



Posters appeared in Amethi hours before Congress MP Rahul Gandhi reached the constituency he had represented for three terms.

The posters said 'nyay do nyay do' and referred to the demise of a patient in the Sanjay Gandhi Hospital, due to alleged lack of proper treatment.

The hospital is run by the Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust of which Rahul Gandhi is a trustee.

According to sources, one Nanhelal Misra, holder of Ayushman Bharat card, had been admitted to the hospital on April 25 for treatment but he died the following day.

His family members blamed the doctors for negligence and the BJP, during the elections, claimed that the doctors did not treat the patient properly because he held the Ayushman Bharat card given by the Modi government. IANS 

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