CWC under Manmohan Singh should decide interim President: Karan Singh

New Delhi


Miffed over the current drift in the Congress after the resignation of Rahul Gandhi as party chief, veteran leader Karan Singh on Monday sought an immediate meeting of the Working Committee under chairmanship of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to take decisions, including of finding the new interim President.

Karan Singh said that the CWC should decide on the interim President until the next party elections and suggested appointing four Working Presidents and Vice Presidents representing each zone -- north, south, east and west.

"This would enable the introduction of younger people into positions of authority," he said in a statement.

"As someone who joined the Congress in 1967 over half a century ago, I am aghast to see the confusion and disorientation into which the Congress has fallen since Rahul Gandhi resigned on the 25th May," he said adding that instead of honouring his bold decision, a month was wasted in pleading with him to take back his resignation, which as a man of honour and integrity, he should not have been pressurized to do.

His statement came after several Congress leaders have given up their posts after Gandhi's resignation.IANS