Democracy is part of our culture, heritage: Modi

New Delhi


 Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday recalled the Emergency, saying democracy is part of our culture and heritage and during the 19-month the people felt that something was taken from them.

Talking about the democratic spirit, Modi, in his first 'Mann Ki Baat' radio programme after being elected for a second term, also said that the Emergency was not only opposed by the political parties and its leaders but also by the common man.

"When the Emergency was imposed, it was not only opposed by the political parties or just restricted to jails. There was anger in the heart of the common man. There was a restlessness in the people for lost democracy. We realise the importance of democratic rights when it was taken away from us," he said.

"India can say proudly, that apart from rules and law, democracy is our heritage and culture. The common man felt the pain of the Emergency."

Speaking about the recent concluded Lok Sabha polls, he said the scale of the country's electoral process makes every Indian proud.

"India just completed the largest ever election. The scale of the election was immense. It tells us about the faith people have in our democracy," he added.

Besides the Emergency, the Prime Minister also stressed on the need to conserve water as drought looms large in vast parts of the country.

Modi returned with his monthly radio broadcast after a break of four months due to the Lok Sabha polls. It was last broadcast in February. IANS