Bihar CM office turns down Koshi flood victims plea



Dozens of Koshi flood victims were shocked and disappointed on Thursday when the Bihar Chief Minister's Office refused to accept application of 3,800 farmers demanding tax abolition law.

A team of the Koshi Nav Nirman Manch (KNNM) activists, which is leading the movement for rights of hundreds of farmers living within the embankments of Koshi river in the Supaul district, was dejected when the officials refused to accept the applications.

"The officials of CM Office refused to accept hundreds of applications of farmers, victims of floods," said Mahender Yadav, KNNM president.

Yadav said officials told them, "Do whatever you can we will not accept farmers applications." 

The KNNM recently concluded a week-long march in the region to mobilise farmers, forced to live within the embankment for years and suffer annual floods. IANS