The Weekend Leader - Mayawati's nepotism: Appoints brother, nephew to top posts

Mayawati's nepotism: Appoints brother, nephew to top posts



Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) President Mayawati reintroduced nepotism into the party on Sunday by again appointing her brother Anand Kumar as party vice president and her nephew Akash Anand as national coordinator.

Mayawati had appointed Anand Kumar as party vice president in April 2017, but he had stepped down from his post in May 2018 ostensibly because he did not wish anyone to level charges of nepotism against Mayawati.

The BSP President made this announcement on Sunday while addressing a national convention of the party here.

Mayawati said that it was a matter of national concern that the BJP was pushing the "one nation, one election" agenda which, according to her, was actually a way of manipulating electronic voting machines (EVMs).

"If there is one election for the country, the BJP will succeed in its game plan and the country will be deprived of an opposition. If the BJP is so sure of its popularity, then why does the party shy away from the use of ballot papers in elections?" she asked.

She further warned that if the BJP persisted in opposing the use of ballot papers in elections, then the people would have to consider other options of protest.

Mayawati asked her party workers to be prepared to counter the EVM manipulations that may take place during the upcoming assembly by-elections in Uttar Pradesh, adding that the BSP would never allow the BJP to hijack elections by manipulating EVMs.

She said that almost all opposition parties in the country preferred ballot papers over EVMs and the BJP should accept their demand without further delay.

Mayawati also criticized the partial manner in which the Election Commission had worked during the recent elections. 

"Time has come for constitutional institutions to device way to retain their independence and impartiality," she said.

The BSP President also asked her party MPs to raise issues of national concern in the Lok Sabha and work for the people of their constituencies. IANS

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