The Weekend Leader - 64% Indians don't want refugees in India

64% Indians don't want refugees in India

New Delhi


A whopping 64 per cent of Indians do not want influx of refugees into India, feeling they come only for economic reasons, a survey says.

The survey says that while 65 per cent Indians want victims of war and persecution to be given shelter in India and other parts of the world, at least 64 per cent are averse to mass influx of refugees into India.

The opponents of refugees want Indian borders to be closed for them.

"This dilemma stems from India having to grapple with uninhibited exodus into the eastern border, which has been a strain on the resources," said Parijat Chakraborty, Country Service Line Leader, Public Affairs, Customer Experience and Corporate Reputation, Ipsos India, which carried out the research.

Seventy per cent of Indians feel that most of the refugees were poverty-stricken and want to avail the welfare schemes in India and 68 per cent felt that most refugees who come to India will successfully integrate in the society.

"The government provides subsidy to economically weaker sections - so refugees can easily avail those with fake Identity Cards. Also, those who come from neighbouring countries - whether Bangladesh, Myanmar or Sri Lanka - since they seem to look like locals, they have managed to easily merge in the society," added Chakraborty.

The World Refugee Day was celebrated on June 20. IANS

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