MP to follow South Korean education model



Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath has announced that the education system in the state will be revamped on the lines of the system in South Korea.

Taking inspiration from South Korea's education system, considered as one of the best in the world, the education system in the state will be changed so that it is able to provide speedy employment to students by developing their creative skills.

Education Department officials said that in South Korea, Class 12 pass out children get employed because there is an attempt to enhance the creativity of children through education. To study this, a team of experts toured the country from June 1-6.

The team visited two government schools, one university and two vocational training centres and reviewed their education system.

On Monday, the team members apprised state Education Department head Rashmi Arun Shami about the education system in South Korea and told her about the innovative ways in which students there are taught. 

They said the schools take the help of information technology companies for vocational training and these companies then conduct placements in the school to hire the passing out students. 

The team suggested to the Department to go in for structural reforms, make action plans related to classroom teaching, and take up other creative measures in schools in Madhya Pradesh.

Shami said that based on the report by the experts' team, the Department will soon introduce a creativity-based education policy for the state. IANS