Tamil Nadu registrar of companies held for taking bribe



The CBI Tuesday arrested the registrar of companies in Tamil Nadu for taking a bribe of Rs.1 million.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in a statement issued here said Manuneethi Cholan, registrar of companies, had demanded Rs.1 million as illegal gratification from industrialist M.A.M. Ramaswamy, chairman of the Chettinad Group of companies.

According to the investigation agency, Cholan demanded the bribe in advance for not approving a decision that was going to be taken against Ramaswamy at an annual general meeting of a group company to be held here Wednesday.

The CBI said there was an attempt by a rival group within the management to take control of the Chettinad Group at the general meeting.

The investigation agency registered a case Tuesday.

The vehicle in which Cholan was travelling immediately after collecting the money was intercepted and a check was conducted. The CBI seized the Rs.1 million that was found in Cholan's possession.

Searches were conducted at Cholan's residence, his office chamber and his private office here.

The investigation agency said Rs.2 million was seized from Cholan's residence.

According to the CBI, searches were also conducted at the office and Chettinad House, the residence of Ramaswamy.