PM says tough steps against corruption in offing

Kaithal (Haryana)


Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday said his government will initiate tough steps against corruption which has entered every sphere of life in the country.

"Corruption has become such a dangerous disease in the country. It is worse than even cancer and can destroy the country. The country is not willing to tolerate evils (like corruption) for long," Modi said.

He was addressing a rally in this Haryana town, after laying the foundation stone of a national highway linking Haryana with Rajasthan.

"Do you want a corruption-free country or not? Should strong steps not be taken to remove corruption? We will take those steps," Modi said.

Referring to those who criticised him for not mentioning corruption in his first Aug 15 Independence Day address at the Red Fort, Modi said: "Some people said I did not say anything about corruption in my address on Independence Day. Let me remind them, I had talked about the 'Mera kya' and 'Mujhe kya' culture of corruption which has ruined this country. This has to change now."

Warning those indulging in corruption, the prime minister said the earlier attitude of paying bribes and getting away with poor quality work will not be tolerated.

"The culture of contractors using anything and putting up a black top on roads and the same getting washed away in the first rains will not work... Getting away after paying bribes will have to be checked," Modi said.

He said people in the country had become more aware and wanted to get the best infrastructure.

He said development was the only way to take the country forward and create jobs. "Development alone can resolve a lot of our problems," he said. - IANS