Yet another case of gang war Delhi

New Delhi


In a suspected case of yet another gang war in the capital on Thursday night, half-a-dozen men fired at a man allegedly belonging to a rival gang.

The incident took place in Jahangirpuri's Mahendra Park, where a CCTV camera recorded six men chasing a victim identified as Naresh. The accused could be seen firing indiscriminately at Naresh who had run away into his house in a narrow lane. 

The incident came a few days after another gang war in Dwarka, where two criminals were shot dead, one of them by a rival criminal and another by a policeman. 

However, Thursday's incident was caught on camera where criminals can be seen shooting a man in north-west Delhi's Jahangirpuri. The shooting is said to be the result of a gang war, but the police referred to it as a dispute between friends-turned-foes.

"The claim that the incident is part of a gang war is entirely false. The case is a result of a dispute between two persons. We have also identified one of the accused and he will soon be arrested, while the remaining five are yet to be indentified," Vijayanta Arya, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (North-West Delhi) told IANS.

The shocking video shows the victim running to save his life as a woman and a kid also scamper for safety. The criminals, unaffected by the presence of women and children, kept on firing at their target.

The victim managed to enter his house, but the criminals continued to fire at the house. 

"Naresh has received a minor injury." Arya added. IANS