The Weekend Leader - Fashion mistakes men, women should avoid

Fashion mistakes men, women should avoid

New Delhi


Fashion faux pas are common and can be avoided easily. Don't wear clothes of the wrong size and pay attention to details, say experts.

Tanvi Malik, Co-founder Indya and FabAlley and designer Kunal Rawal have listed common fashion faux pas made by men and women that can surely be avoided:

* Wearing the wrong size: It's important to wear what accentuates your body. Even if the clothes feel comfortable, if they don't fit, don't wear them. Also, women often buy the wrong size hoping they will slim down to a smaller size. If you keep spending money on clothes that don't fit, you might end up with a heap of clothes sitting in your wardrobe that you can't wear.

* Not paying attention to details: There's a thin line between classy and trashy and it would be a huge mistake not to pay attention to that. Wearing clothes with small rips, holes, frays, and tears can go from a minor flaw to a deal breaker and can totally ruin an outfit's vibe.

* Inappropriate accessorising: Sometimes, less really is more. There is something about over-accessorising that screams. So, look away now. Necklaces are beautiful, statement earrings are to die for and hair accessories are great, but when you wear them all at once, it can get tacky and overwhelming. It is also important to wear the right accessory to the right occasion. Pay attention to colours as well, and how they match with your outfit overall.

* Being occasion inappropriate: Knowing what to wear and where to wear it to is the most important rule of fashion. The worst thing is to be under-dressed or over-dressed.

* Being more involved in styling what you wear and how you wear it is essential. Personalisation and customisation is a big trend on the garment level or with the way you style your look. The more involved you are, you will be more confident and more you.

* Following garment care and storage instruction is extremely important to achieve the strongest impact with your outfit. Details like ironing the outfit well, packing detailed outfits separately, prepping it, storing it, cleaning it is important. Make sure you follow the garment care and wash care instructions.IANS

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