Justice delivered over Mullaperiyar issue: Jayalalithaa



Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa Friday said downing the shutters of the Mullaiperiyar dam to increase the water level to 142 feet is justice delivered to the people of the state. The shutters were lowered Thursday as directed by the Supreme Court.

"The downing of the dam shutters to increase the storage levels is a victory for Tamil Nadu and its people. More than the victory it is justice that has been rendered to the people of Tamil Nadu," Jayalalithaa said in the state assembly here.

Jayalalithaa said following the verdict of the Supreme Court in favour of Tamil Nadu and with the cooperation of the central government the Mullaiperiyar dam shutters were downed as per the decision taken by the supervisory committee.

She said the shutters were downed to increase the water storage levels to 142 feet from the current 136 feet.

According to the chief minister, this was a historic victory that has been secured after 37 years and has immersed her in a sea of joy.

"With this the rights of people of Tamil Nadu have been established in the Mullaiperiyar dam issue," Jayalalithaa said.

Kerala and Tamil Nadu have been at loggerheads over the dam, built under an 1886 accord between the then Maharaja of Travancore and the Britishers.

While it is located in Kerala, the control of the dam is with Tamil Nadu and its waters serve the state.

Tamil Nadu wants the dam's storage capacity to be increased from the current 136 feet (41.5 metres) to 142 feet (43 metres) while Kerala wants a new dam and its control. - IANS