UPA to get 27 seats, NDA 11 in Tamil Nadu: IANS-CVOTER Exit Poll

New Delhi


The DMK is expected to make gains in Tamil Nadu but its prospects of sweeping the southern state seems remote as the ruling AIADMK appears to have prevented a whitewash, according to the IANS-CVOTER exit poll.

AIADMK, which had won 37 of the 39 Lok Sabha seats in Tamil Nadu in 2014, is expected to win 10 seats this time while the BJP is likely to retain its single seat. The DMK, which was hoping to sweep the state, is expected to win 22 seats while the Congress is likely to get 5 against its score of zero last time.

The BJP had entered into an alliance with the AIADMK but it seems that it has not helped much to improve its overall tally. 

The DMK, on the other hand, has been active in putting together post-poll alliances but it does not seem to be getting the numbers it would have liked to strengthen its bargaining power. 

The UPA's vote share in Tamil Nadu is expected to be 43.1 per cent while that of the NDA is likely to be 37.2 per cent.