CSK's major strength is its fan army: Ashwin



After his stint with Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019, ace India off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin presented his pre-match analysis of the final match as a special guest at Maruti Suzuki Cricket Live on the STAR SPORTS Network. He spoke about the season, team performance and the moments that led the cricket fans talking about the toughest T20 tournament.

On Mumbai Indians (MI) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Ashwin said: "Both Chennai and Mumbai have always been fierce on the field. It has always been an extremely special game for us, sitting on the yellow side of things, and I think today will be another special occasion, especially with people seeing what Chennai and Mumbai have done in the past."

"I think today will be one of those games where it is about emotions, for the entire CSK battalion. One of their major strengths at this point in time is the fan army backing them, and the emotional support that CSK have been receiving. Today will be no different," he said.

On the CSK skipper MS Dhoni, Ashwin said: "The ritual is pretty simple. Like he repeatedly says there's no rocket science to what he does every time. He keeps it pretty stable. He's very balanced. He likes to go through the routine in a similar fashion, doesn't like to break & chop and change too much."

"The one advantage CSK really has is that they come with so much of success. They're always balanced in terms of knowing or having more people in the dugout, realising that they can get past any situation," Ashwin said. IANS