The Weekend Leader - Tesla Model S, Model X ranges get major upgrades

Tesla Model S, Model X ranges get major upgrades

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Tesla Model S and Model X cars have got a much-needed boost as the company has announced upgrading the range and charging capabilities in both.

The Tesla Model S and Model X would now feature an all-new drivetrain design that increases each vehicle's range substantially.

"Today, we're making changes to Model S and Model X that allow them to travel unprecedented distances without needing to recharge, beating our own record for the longest-range production electric vehicles on the road. 

"And we've accomplished this without increasing the cars' battery size, proving that our expertise in system-level design can make our cars dramatically more efficient," the company wrote in a blog post late on Tuesday.

Using the same 100 kWh battery pack, these design and architecture updates would allow Tesla drivers to travel farther than ever before, charging less frequently and getting more range out of every dollar spent on charging.

"We're also introducing a brand-new adaptive suspension system for Model S and Model X, along with a few other improvements for the best range, acceleration, and ride comfort, plus a Ludicrous Mode upgrade for our most loyal customers," the company added.

This comes soon after the electric vehicle maker announced cutting off some of CEO Elon Musk's strongest allies from the board of directors.

The company said last week that four of its 11-member board would step down by 2020, shrinking the board's size by more than a third. IANS

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