The Weekend Leader - Professional education quality a concern, says V-P

Professional education quality a concern, says V-P



Vice-President M. Venkaiah Naidu here on Tuesday said even though India increased the number of higher education institutions after Independence, the quality of professional education remained a major concern, which needed to be addressed.

"Before Independence, access to higher education was limited and elitist. Since Independence, the growth has been impressive. More than 850 universities and over 40,000 colleges are offering various programmes in India," Naidu said.

He was speaking at the 9th Annual Convocation of Vels Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies (VISTAS).

"Though we have expanded the number of higher education institutions, the quality of higher professional education remains a major concern. Various studies and surveys have raised concern over the learning outcomes and employability of Indian graduates," Naidu said.

According to him, these issues have to be addressed and the system constantly revamped to ensure that higher education institutions deliver high quality education.

Pointing out the new age technologies, like blockchain, artificial intelligence and 3D printing, Naidu called upon students to outpace this change.

India is a young nation with 65 per cent of population being below 35 years. Every year almost one crore youth join the job market. It is the demographic dividend we as a nation can ill-afford to lose.

"The faculty members shall have to be abreast with the latest technological developments. You must become more agile and alert to stay ahead of the knowledge curve," Naidu said.

According to the Vice-President, technology should be leveraged for rural development and bridge the rural-urban divide. "Technology must provide solutions to the issues of rural life and economy. India lives in its villages. The development of our country depends on rural India," he said.IANS

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