Short film questions VIP treatment given to terrorists in jail

Archana Sharma   |  Jaipur


A short film, "Kaun Saab", backed by a former commando of the National Security Guard (NSG), raises a question on how dreadful criminals and terrorists are given VIP treatment in jail.

Lucky Bisht, the ex-commando, has produced the short film along with Kashwi Productions. A satire, the film brings several challenges being combated by police personnel and highlights their plight.

Explaining the film's title, Bisht told IANS: "The film features a back-to-back fleet of cars running on roads which stuns people around. Out of inquisitiveness, they ask if any VIP is coming in their city. They exchange their query saying ‘Kaun saab' (Who is it?) and get to know that it is a terrorist who is going to jail, escorted by a huge police convoy. Hence, the name 'Kaun Saab'."

The film is an attempt to draw the government's attention towards challenges being faced by police personnel in police stations as a big amount is being spent on insignificant things but basic facilities have still a long way to go, added Bisht.

The story deals with the problems of governance and lack of modern infrastructure at police stations, among many issues.

"We stand dedicated for a cause and hence we are trying to bring a difference to the short film industry by bringing up this burning issue," he added.

"Kaun Saab" is directed by Mukul Sharma, who has earlier written and acted in a short film "Soul in Sole".

According to Sharma, directing a short film comes with several challenges and a lot of preparation.

"It requires hard work, dedication and a whole set of skilled crew members to get the right mood and the perfect casting," he said, adding that the result of the effort behind "Kaun Saab" is "humorous and powerful performances from the very talented actors".

The film cast includes Sanjay Tripathi, Tarun Kapur and Sahil Patel.

Bisht, after serving the Indian Army, aims at producing films with a strong message. He has been working to bring out a biopic on the legendary tale of Gabbar Singh Negi, a World War I hero who sacrificed his life at the age of 19 in 1915.

"Negi, a resident of Garhwal (Tehri district), lost his life while fighting in World War I. He stunned Britishers with his act of bravery, valour and fearlessness and hence was awarded the Victoria Cross honour posthumously. It was the highest and most prestigious award of the British honours system. He was the youngest soldier (19) from Garhwal Rifles to receive this highest British honour," Bisht said.-IANS