No winter chill for Karnataka BJP MLAs, it's games and relaxation in luxury resort



Gurugram's winter chill hasnt got to the 104 BJP MLAs from Karnataka who have been shepherded here and sequestered by the party bosses even as rumblings of a coup reverberate in Bengaluru.

Interestingly, the MLAs weren't taken to Maharashtra, Gujarat or Goa which are neighbouring BJP-ruled states and instead were brought all the way to Haryana for safety. To avoid poaching, the retreat has been turned into a virtual fortress with armed security men holding fort.

The morning began with great bonhomie and breakfast with former Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa. While the game is afoot to topple the Congress-JD-S alliance, BJP party managers were wary of Congress Machiavelli D Shivakumar trying to break the BJP itself and hence the ITC Grand Bharat. The retreat in Manesar with the Aravalli Hills in the background has over 100 security guards in watchful vigil in shifts.

IANS managed to get inside the super luxe ITC Grand Bharat resort and retreat and caught some of the MLAs on camera. 

They appeared to be in a happy mood, totally relaxed and chilled. Many of them were seen walking together, playing cricket, football and badminton on the manicured lawns. 

The media is positioned at the entrance and they have been getting regular water, tea and snacks from the hotel. When questioned the hotel management declined to comment on the guests and their activities.-IANS