The Weekend Leader - Delhi Metro: The new advertisement ground for BJP

Delhi Metro: The new advertisement ground for BJP

New Delhi


The Delhi Metro seems to have become the new advertising ground for the BJP with many metro coaches bearing posters of the party's prime ministerial nominee, batting for a "(Narendra) Modi sarkar".

A total of 30 trains on various metro lines operating across the national capital have Modi pictures on panels inside the coaches.

"A total of 3,500 posters and hoardings are there on the various trains," Praveen Gupta of eg. Communications, which is the advertising contractor for display inside metro panels and handle bars, told IANS.

Gupta said that though they had approached all political parties, it was only the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that responded to their proposal.

"We approached all political parties, and only BJP responded. If others agree, their advertisements will also be put up," he added.

Asked the reason for choosing the metro to advertise, a BJP leader from Delhi said the metro has designated sites for advertisements and this helps in sending the "right" message in the best possible way.

"Most people in Delhi travel by buses and metro, so the advertisements can be seen on bus stands and inside the metro. Since posters and flags are banned, this is the best way to reach people," the leader said.

Gupta, refusing to share monetary details, said the advertisements have been put up for a period of 21 days.

"We have followed all norms of the Election Commission, which allows commercial advertisements at public places," he said.

According to a Delhi Metro spokesperson: "The ad-panels have been outsourced to certain agencies that are responsible for the advertisements. The Delhi Metro does not directly deal with the advertisers.

"We, however, monitor that no objectionable content is displayed," the official told IANS. - IANS


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