Leopard escapes enclosure at Bengal safari, visitors disappointed



A leopard escaped from the enclosure at Bengal Safari Park in West Bengal's Siliguri on Tuesday, preventing the entry of visitors, an official said.

"Out of four leopards, one named Sachin couldn't be traced. It is probable that it climbed a tree and jumped over," V.K. Yadav, Member Secretary of the West Bengal Zoo Authority, said.

Yadav mentioned that officers have made arrangements to trace the leopard which is inside the park. Team members are looking for the animal.

"It is the first day of the year so we request the visitors not to go inside. We want to ensure everyone's safety, " he said.

The people who had travelled long distances to visit the safari that is home to one-horned rhinoceros, peacock, spotted deer, barking deer, sambar, red jungle fowl, black ibis, kingfisher and other creatures, couldn't visit the park.

"I was here to experience the safari but it is so disappointing. There must be negligence on the part of the officials, otherwise how can a leopard escape," a dissatisfied visitor pointed out.-IANS